Solidify internal conference with GitHub Actions

September 16, 2020

At Solidify we usually meet the entire company twice a year and have a one or two day conference with engaging meetings and fun challenges. This year because of Covid-19 it was different, we decided that those who lived close to the Gothenburg or the Stockholm office and wanted to could come into the office and the rest could join from home through teams, we ended up with staff joining from Copenhagen, Tallin, Sundbyberg, Uppsala and Gagnef.

Of course, it was no challenge to host the conference through teams as we had all been working that way since the lockdown in Mars.

We started with an inspiring keynote from our CEO Magnus Juvas and then split everyone up into four-team, each with one team channel, we mixed people from different locations and skills, we had people with Agile, DevOps, frontend, Azure/backend skills in each team. This year's challenge was to create interesting GitHub Actions to place on GitHub Marketplace and compete in the GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV.

We ended up with these three actions after just five hours of hard work:

There will be follow upp blogposts of each of these.