Solidify arranges free Global DevOps Bootcamp

May 16, 2017


Here at Solidify we consider DevOps a part of the future. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet and in order to keep moving towards a world where DevOps is part of everyday life, we need more insight and knowledge about the topic. We need people to share their experiences and passion. We need knowledge about processes, technologies and tools related to DevOps. In short, we need more DevOps in the world and one step in that direction is what we together with our colleagues at Xpirit call the Global DevOps Bootcamp.

Maybe you’ve hear of Global Azure Bootcamp, the global event where people and organizations around the world help each other create possibilities for knowledge exchange, information sharing and interest around Azure? Our Global DevOps Bootcamp is a similar concept. Besides, it’s completely free!

Global DevOps Bootcamp

On June 17th we want to create a free event reaching all over the world, but we need help to succeed. Together with Xpirit av with the support of Microsoft, various communities and organization around the world we can create something bigger than we can on our own.

At the time of writing, 20 places around the world is confirmed and more are coming. With a joint agenda and similar content everywhere, we guarantee both quality and relevance.

Content and agenda

The theme of this years bootcamp is From server to serverless in a DevOps world. We’ll talk about how to transform an organization and move from on-premise to cloud services.

With an infovideo from the DevOps pioneer Donovan Brown and a hands-on project in the form of a hackathon, you as a participant will be able to walk away wih a unique experience and hopefully some new-found inspiration. The event is also completely free and Solidify will organize local bootcamps in both Stockholm and Göteborg.

Read more about the event on its official webpage: and register for free for one of our Swedish events:



See you on June 17th!