Visual Studio 2017 launch event tonight

March 7, 2017


The live event around the Visual Studio 2017 launch starts tonight at 17.00 local time (CET +1). The launch event will go on for two days and celebrates that Visual Studio turns 20 years as well as the availability of the newest release, Visual Studio 2017. On the live stream of the event you will be able to see people such as Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Migual de Icaza and Scott Hanselman walk through news in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure and much more. After that a few Microsoft engineers will run a few technical and interactive demo sessions to showcase how you can get the most out of Visual Studio 2017 as well as other Microsoft tools and platforms.

Visual Studio 2017 launch events

Besides the live stream during the 7th and 8th of March, there will also be local launch events all around the world. In Sweden KnowIt will hold a local Meetup during the night of the 7th, and Dustin will do the same on the night of the 12th of april.

If you’re using social medias such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can explore the hashtag #MyVSstory to see what others think and feel about Visual Studio.

So don’t miss the Visual Studio 2017 launch! For more information, schedule and more, take a look at the launch website, where you will also find the event livestream.