Better Development Environments With GitHub Codespaces

September 11, 2020

Building software can be hard but managing your local development environment shouldn't be. But yet it often is! Switching between projects (or even branches in one project) where dependencies differ can be both time-consuming and error prone. In this session we'll look at how Codespaces helps remove that friction. With Codespaces we get a new environment in no-time with the right configuration and dependencies setup. No time spent on figuring out what's needed to build a project or (un)installing tools to match its requirements. And it's cloud-based so we can even develop in VS Code through a browser!

Mathias Olausson is the CTO and co-founder of Solidify, a consulting company focused on helping companies improve their engineering skills. Mathias is a Microsoft MVP and has published several books on development practices using Visual Studio and Azure DevOps.