Global DevOps Bootcamp 2020

October 24, 2020

Global DevOps Bootcamp is a worldwide community event that will be held for the 4th time. Every year, we create a full-day experience around a central theme. The day starts with a keynote (of a famous speaker!) a local keynote (by you!), and a challenging yet inspiring hackathon focusing on DevOps practices and Modern Software practices. People also learn about the latest trends and will be sharing their DevOps experiences. It’s a great opportunity to learn and network with others locally working in this space, and also get to hear all about some real-world DevOps experiences.

The event is held globally on October 24th (moved from its original date May 30th). The great thing for you as an organizer, is that you only have to worry about a good location and skilled people that can proctor during the day. We will take care of the rest. We will provide you all materials for the keynote and hackathon, provide you with marketing materials and during the day we provide a fully-fledged infrastructure so that your participants can get started right away! Last year we had around 90 venues and 10000 people joining worldwide. Be part of this year’s Global DevOps Bootcamp and register below. It will be amazing !

What We Did Last Year (GDBC2019): You Build It, You Run Away It

Those of you who have joined us at Global DevOps Bootcamp in previous years know we have been exercising how to build modern apps using continuous delivery and DevOps practices. Last year we're shifting gears and we took your skills to the next level by levering rugged DevOps principles, with focus on three important phases:

Detect. Get insights into how your system behaves to make you and your users aware of any anomalies. Respond. Connect with your users to make sure users are aware of the issue. Recover. Action remediation to get your system back into operation. We applied tool agnostic practices so regardless whether you develop in c#, deploy with Jenkins or operate with Kubernetes this was great day to get into rugged DevOps.

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