The Solidify show #2, Scaling agile using Azure DevOps, SAFe and @Scale

April 23, 2021

Scaling agile using Azure DevOps, SAFe and @Scale

To implement agile is hard! We have, as an industry, been doing this on a team level for many years using Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming etc. and it’s been proven many times that it’s not easy. But scaling agile in larger organization has proven to be even more difficult because you have to consider all organizational levels - team, program and portfolio.


SAFe is a great framework for managing development at Scale. Azure DevOps is a great platform for managing the flow of value. Together we get a perfect environment for modern development. A good tool provides guidance to the work needed without introducing constraints on your desired way of working with your flow.

The presentation

In this presentation we will share lessons from the field from implementing agile at scale in large organizations. We will also introduce the Azure DevOps @Scale extension that brings SAFe practices to Azure DevOps. This includes ways to manage

  • PI objectives
  • PI risks
  • PI team dependencies
  • Job sequencing with WSJF


Andreas Johansson Anders Jonsson Mathias Olausson