Solidify GitHub Roadshow, 7#, migrating from Azure DevOps to GitHub

October 16, 2020

The seventh stop on our Solidify GitHub Roadshow

Many of you have probably used Azure DevOps/TFS for years and have invested a lot of effort and time in it, maybe you are starting to use GitHub for some part of your development effort.

This 7:th roadshow event it’s time to show you how to migrate the artifacts you want from Azure DevOps to GitHub. We will go through topics like:

  • Moving Azure Repos to GitHub
  • Converting Team Foundation version control (TFVC) and Source Safe to Git and moving them to GitHub
  • Moving Azure Pipelines YAML to GitHub YAML
  • Azure Artifacts to GitHub packages
  • What’s different between Azure Boards and GitHub Issues and how could/should you move
  • What about Test Cases, are there any alternatives here?

Our Mathias Olausson will lead you through this event.

The event itself will take place as a live webinar over Microsoft Teams on the 16:th of October, at 12.00 CET. Register through the registration link on LinkedIn and you will recieve a link to the Teams meeting on the day of the event.