The Solidify GitHub Roadshow - Code Collaboration with GitHub

June 11, 2020

The very first stop on our Solidify GitHub Roadshow, we'll be talking about a common issue or problem in software development - code collaboration. It's a magic trick in itself to bring together people from different backgrounds, places and even under different contracts. And while many tools for project management collaboration exists, for actual code collaboration the landscape looks a little different. So how do we make the best out of our teams of developers, when they are all working towards a single codebase?

One could even say that this session is extra relevant, as many software developers are working more from home now than ever, and they like doing so. GitHub enables us to work together (remotely or in person) in a smooth and simple manner, and our Madis Koosaar will lead you through the process towards better collaboration with GitHub.

The event itself will take place as a live webinar over Microsoft Teams on the 11th of June, at 12.00 CET. Register through the registration link and you will recieve a link to the Teams meeting on the day of the event.