Kristoffer Karlsson

Senior Developer | Software Architect

Clean Architecture
Test Driven Development
Kristoffer Karlsson

Kristoffer is a senior full-stack developer and software architect with several years of experience with (mainly) the Microsoft stack. He has worked with modern development technologies such as CI/CD, containers and orchestration (Docker and Kubernetes). Moreover, he is competent using several languages such as C#, C++ (to some degree Rust) and front-end frameworks (Angular, React, Vue). He also has an interest for the functional programming paradigm, e.g., using Haskell or Erlang. Kristoffer sees great value in a solid suite of automatic tests, and has coached several teams in TDD and Clean Architecture.

As a person, Kristoffer is driven and always wants to improve both the solution he is working on, as well as his personal skills and competences. He is motivated by problem solving, and strives to always build great software.

Kristoffer believes that a solid team environment where everyone contributes is of utmost importance. Furthermore, a great deal of pragmatism within the team is paramount to building good solutions together, and there should be no prestige holding team members back.