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Knowing where you want to go doesn’t necessarilly mean you know how to get there. Employing an experienced Solidify migration expert reduces risk, shortens migration time and saves money. In the end, what you want is to move to Azure DevOps & minimize time spent on non-core activities such as maintenance and tool synchronization.

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Our expert consultants know what it takes to go from on-prem to Azure DevOps in a safe, fast and efficient manner. We'll help you resolve common issues with historical data, cloud strategy, toolkit consolidation, and much more through tested and proven methods. Together, we embark on a safe journey to Azure and Azure Dev Ops, regardless of where you're currently at in the process. We've got the experience and have developed our own tools to make your migration as efficient as possible.

  • Azure and Azure DevOps
  • Migration from other tools
  • Cloud
  • Our own developed migration tool
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