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Solidify has been a leading partner in DevOps and Azure for many years helping customers Modernize their Integration.

Integration Modernization

Integration is a key part of your solutions. When modernizing your application landscape, whether you are adding new features, migrating to the cloud or moving to a SaaS solution it will affect your integrations. It is a challenging journey filled with architectural choices, knowledge gaps, and new processes. It could be that you’re moving from on-premises using BizTalk Server or another integration product. We have the knowledge, competence, and tools to help you modernizing your integrations. And we´re happy to help.

Azure Migration Guidance

You are moving to the cloud, and your team is facing challenges choosing the right set of products for different scenarios. Solidify can assist you making the correct choices, to create secure, manageable and cost-conscious integrations using Azure Integration Services. We look at your current state together finding challenges and possibilities. Moving at your pace is important, we love to take the discussion, What, When and Why that will lead to How. You bring an integration challenge, and we work together towards the best design.


Whether it is API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus or any of the other products in Azure Integration Services we can help your team up to speed in your environment. Azure is a fast-moving platform adding new features at a high pace, that is true for the Azure Integration Services products too. Solidify can help you fill the knowledge gaps, so you are able to keep up speed working with your business solutions. This could be multi day workshops or shorter sessions focused on your current tasks.

Azure Integration Services Lifecycle

Integrations can be composed of several components, as important it is to design and implement a good solution it is to taking care of the lifecycle of it. At Solidify we have experts that can support you developing processes and pipelines that follow good practices, ensuring the lifecycle is secure, repeatable and with successful deliveries.

Integration development

Solidify can assist you developing your integrations in Azure. Using the Azure Integration Services products to put together a cost-effective, secure and performant solution. Help spans from key project members to entire solutions.


Are you ready to bring your integrations to the next level? Contact us and get in touch with one of our experts on integration modernization. We're happy to help!

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