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Kick start your App Security Efforts

We streamline the development process while ensuring robust security measures. Partner with Solidify Security to focus on creating exceptional software with strengthened defenses.


Solidify Security specializes in simplifying software development while enhancing security.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Application Security Healthcheck: Our experts assess your applications' security, pinpointing weaknesses and offering actionable recommendations to strengthen their defenses.
  • Security Champions Program: We help you establish a network of security champions who promote best practices, fostering a culture of security awareness and knowledge sharing within your organization.
  • Threat Modeling as a Service: Our proactive approach helps you identify and mitigate potential threats and risks in your software applications, enabling the creation of robust defenses.
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Security services

DevSecOps Health Check

The DevSecOps Health Check is the essential solution to strengthen your security. Our experts in DevSecOps and AppSec help you assess and improve your processes, overcome obstacles, and automate efficiently. Enhance and mature your AppSec Program to defend against top-10 attacks. Benefit from industry benchmarking, cost reduction, and low-cost improvements.

Plan your future with clear priorities aligned to your goals. Trust the DevSecOps Health Check to fortify your practices and protect your organization.

The challenge

How to effectively analyze, measure and mature your AppSec program?

How to trust your development process by adding security in DevOps?

The offer

Benchmark maturity of DevSecOps

Identify hurdles and bottlenecks

Find low-effort-high-return DevSecOps investments

Mature AppSec program to defend agains OWASP top-10

The benefit

Lower costs of dysfunctional DevSecOps activities

Benchmark current status of AppSec and DevSecOps

Low investments high gains

Plan forward


Partnering with Solidify Security streamlines your software development journey, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional products with the confidence of strengthened security measures.

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