DevOps in 2017 statistics and numbers Infographic

October 25, 2017


We’re approaching the end of 2017 and a lot has happend in regards to DevOps. There has been massive changes in attitude towards the concept, and more than ever are realizing both its potential and its complexity. There is simply no quick-fix for all your troubles and the transformation process can surely become a challenge. So, what details can be said for DevOps in 2017?

Based on the DORA/Puppet 2017 State of DevOps Report, where over 27’000 survey responders detailed the difference DevOps makes, we have created the infographic below. We’ve included some of the most interesting statistics and findings, such as how DevOps affects lead times and the value of automation. For example, did you know that DevOps is applicable to almost every industry or that the number of DevOps teams around the world are consistently increasing?

Make sure to take a look at the full report for more information about things such as:

  • How DevOps affects deployment frequency, failure rates and MTTR
  • What type of leadership is best suited for DevOps transformations
  • What impact a DevOps initiative can have on both financial and non-financial company goals


DevOps in 2017 numbers Infographic


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