We provide specialized Platform Engineering, AI, and Cloud Adoption services on the Azure platform for organizations of all sizes. With our expertise in Integration, Infrastructure, Security, and AI, we aim to improve your technological capabilities within Microsoft Azure.

Azure AI Services

Solidify delivers projects within Azure AI, Azure OpenAI, and Machine Learning, directly applying Azure Cognitive Services, crafting OpenAI solutions, and constructing ML models to advance Azure infrastructures. 

We specifically specialize in building AI solutions for the banking and insurance industry.

Azure Integration Services

Solidify delivers projects within Azure Integration Services, using tools such as Azure Logic Apps, Service Bus, and Event Grid to improve connectivity and automate workflows within Azure ecosystems.

We also assist with migrating from legacy systems, like BizTalk, to Azure Integration Services, ensuring a smooth transition and modernization of your integration architecture. 

Azure Security Services

We deliver projects within Azure Security Services, using services like Azure Defender, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Security Center to strengthen your security setup and safeguard your Azure environment.

We help set up advanced security measures, configure monitoring systems, and establish threat detection protocols. Our services also include assisting in the shift to Azure Security Services, and improving your defense and compliance. We aim to secure your digital environment and ensure your development and operations are protected.

Azure Infrastructure Services

Solidify provides services within Azure Infrastructure Services, focusing on deploying and managing Azure's computing, storage, and networking resources. Our team works on setting up and configuring Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, and Azure Virtual Networks to create a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our goal is to help you maximize the efficiency and reliability of your Azure infrastructure, enabling better support for your applications and services.

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