Why you should consider the Test result importer

Supported file formats

The Test Result Importer provides a build task that can convert test result files from a variety of test frameworks into an Azure Testplan.

The extension currently supports the following file formats:

  • Gherkin (.json)
  • JUnit/xUnit (.xml)
  • TestNG (.xml)

Additional features

  • Supports import of files and links as Attachments on the Test Runs or Test Results.
  • Supports migration of test steps. Also supports import of additional test steps from a .json file.
  • Supports test parameters (a new test iteration will be created for every parameter set).
  • Supports writing custom data to the test case work item fields.

Easy and secure

Everything created with Test Result Importer stays in your Azure DevOps, which means you don't have to worry about integration, security or data protection in a separate service.

Key benefits

Everything you need to get started

Always 30 days of free trial

Pay Monthly

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  • Import result for all supported testing frameworks
  • Support for only 1 organization
  • Support for unlimited pipelines
  • Support over email


Starting at


Same as organization plus:

  • Support for any number of organizations or on-prem instances connected to the same AAD/AD
  • VIP support

Price: $6000/year + $2000/year per additional organization.

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