Why Consider the Azure DevOps Backup Tool

Data Recovery and Permanent Deletion Protection

By default, Azure DevOps resources are usually soft deleted for 30 or 90 days depending on the resource, and can be recovered through the REST API during the soft delete window, but cannot be recovered after that. With Azure DevOps Backup Tool you can retain your data indefinitely.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Many enterprises are subject to auditing and regulatory requirements that necessitate robust data protection measures. By having a comprehensive backup strategy in place, you can ensure data integrity and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

Efficient and Targeted Backups

Unlike traditional backup methods that involve backing up and restoring the entire Azure DevOps database, the Azure DevOps Backup Tool offers a more streamlined approach. With this tool, you can easily and selectively back up specific resources, eliminating the need for lengthy downtime and minimizing the impact on your development process.

Key benefits

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ADO Backup Tool is available for a yearly fee. The yearly fee is based on the number of paying users in your Azure DevOps organization/collection (MSDN, Basic or Basic+Test Plans users): 

Number of paying users in ADO Yearly subscription fee
0-50 $1000
51-100 $2500
101-250 $5000
251-500 $7500
501-1000 $10000
1001-2000 $20000
2001-4000 $30000
4000+ $40000

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