Why partner with Solidify for your Azure DevOps needs?


We've exclusively been working with Microsoft- and GitHub since the founding of our company. You can trust us to get the most out of both the GitHub- and Azure platform.

Verified Partner

We are one of the Microsoft Top Tier partners; in addition, Solidify became the first GitHub Partner in the EMEA region in November 2019. Solidify also has a long and established partnership with both Microsoft and GitHub. 


We have been involved in hundreds of different types of Azure DevOps deliveries, and truly know what it means to provide solutions to complex problems within ADO efficiently.


We house 4 Microsoft Azure MVPs, hold numerous ADO certifications and have been offering services on the Azure DevOps platform since its release.

We'll help you with Azure DevOps

Our services include migrating to Azure DevOps, fully managing your Azure DevOps environment, and integrating it with tools like GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps and GitHub Copilot. We also offer trainings that help your employees get the most out of ADO. Below, you can find detailed information about each of our services.

Atlassian to ADO Migration

Solidify can assist you in transitioning CI/CD pipelines, issues, and version control systems from any Atlassian platform to Azure DevOps.

Our dedicated migration team will support you every step of the way, guaranteeing that the transition is conducted securely and effectively. Select the migration strategy that best aligns with your organization's needs here.

Azure DevOps Managed Services

Solidify's Azure DevOps Managed Services are designed to completely oversee your Azure DevOps platform's setup and maintenance, ensuring you don't have to.

We will provide dedicated support that ensures your project's progress efficiently while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards. 

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

Our GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps services focus on integrating GHAzDO into your ADO development workflow, followed by detailed evaluations, dedicated support, and educational sessions.

This approach guarantees efficient project progression while maintaining high security and compliance standards. Learn more about our security offerings here.

GitHub Copilot for ADO

Our GitHub Copilot Implementation streamlines your development process by integrating AI-powered coding assistance, improving productivity, accelerating code development, and ensuring compliance with security and privacy standards for your Azure DevOps development projects. Read more about it here.

Let's talk Azure DevOps

Book a demo or reach out to learn more about how Solidify can help you with all things related to Azure DevOps.