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Planning made easier than ever in your Azure DevOps environment

The @Scale extension is a perfect way to implement SAFe in Azure DevOps without ever leaving the comfort of Azure DevOps. The extension is perfect for big room planning and product increment planning. Book a demo today or get started on your own with a 30-day trial.

Dependency management

Track your dependencies

Working together at scale requires increased visibility into what others are doing. @Scale adds an interactive program board to make documenting and sharing that information easier. The program board helps teams understand constraints and identify critical paths with a clear visualization of dependencies.

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Customize the planning view to suit your needs

Configurable overviews

If you're already using Azure DevOps it's as easy as 1,2,3 to get started with @Scale. The Scale extension has easy configurations, so you can adjust it to your needs. All data is safely stored in your internal Azure DevOps environment. There's no need to merge with other external tools.

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Track your progression

Objectives management

Goal setting is key to keep focus on the most important things. In @Scale you can set goals at ART level or per team by using Objectives. Set the planned business value (BV) when planning the increment and follow up during the execution. You can also associate objectives with items on the program board to give additional insights into the development progress.

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Mitigate risks & impediments

Risk management

Risk management is an important part of the planning work. During PI planning, the teams states risks and impediments to the RTE. @Scale provides a board where the team efficiently manages risks, both during planning and later to track the risks during the increment.

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