Our Services

GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) enhances code security and quality for enterprises by providing additional security features beyond GitHub's standard offerings.

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps (GHAzDO) empowers your development process with shift-left security capabilities, optimizing the early detection and resolution of security threats within your development lifecycle.

Threat Modeling as a Service

Solidify's Threat Modeling service checks your system's security to find and fix possible threats early on. Count on us to strengthen your defenses with smart planning and solid protection strategies.

Security Champion Programme

The Security Champion Programme identifies and cultivates internal security leaders, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to proactively safeguard your systems.

DevSecOps Healthcheck

The DevSecOps Health Check thoroughly assesses and improves your security within the development cycle. It equips your team with the skills and support for a sustainable, secure DevOps culture.