Why you should consider Jira Migrator Pro

Seamless work item migration

Our Jira to Azure DevOps Migrator is the ultimate solution for effortlessly transitioning your work items from Jira to Azure DevOps. This robust tool streamlines the migration process into two parts:

  • Exporting Jira issues to files on the local machine
  • Importing the issues into Azure DevOps/TFS at a later time.

Comprehensive migration

Here is why Jira to Azure DevOps Migrator PRO is your go-to choice:

Migrate all your issues, ensuring nothing is left behind. Attachments, comments, issue hierarchy, and links are all seamlessly transferred.


Some of the capabilities include:

  • Export Jira issues from Jira queries
  • Map users from Jira to users in Azure DevOps/TFS
  • Migrate work item field data
  • Migrate links and attachments
  • Migrate history
  • Paid priority support

The following modules are included in Jira Migrator Pro

Included modules

Jira Migrator PRO

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Bootstrapper utility

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Key Advantages over Free Edition:

📦 Migrate Releases and Fixes Version: Transition your releases and the fixes version field smoothly.

🔗 Composite Field Mapper: Easily consolidate multiple Jira fields into a single Azure DevOps field.

🔗 Migrate Remote Links: Transform web links into work item hyperlinks to maintain the integrity of your references.

🌐 Correct Embedded Links: Ensure all embedded links to Jira issues in text fields like Description, Repro Steps, and comments point to the correct Azure DevOps Work Item.

ğŸŽ¯ Custom Mapping for Objects and Arrays: Select any property for object- and array-type fields, allowing for more precise mapping, including more possibilities for migrating complex fields such as Components and user picker fields.

🔄 User Mapping Automation: Utilities that automate user mapping between Jira and Azure DevOps, simplifying the process.

📄 Configuration Made Easy: Generate your Jira Azure DevOps Migrator configuration file automatically, making your migration journey faster.

🛠️ Workflow Insights: Access utilities for viewing the Jira workflow and streamlining field and state mapping for a smooth transition.

🚀 Priority Support: Get the assistance you need when you need it with our priority support.

Everything you need to get started

Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly


$1,000/Month per Jira URL

Incudes the following modules:

  • Jira Migrator Pro
  • Bootstrapper utility

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