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Modern GRC

Modern GRC

Solidify Velesic: Bridging Modern GRC and Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), there arises a need to innovate, transform, and merge the world of technology with the pillars of GRC. Recognizing this crucial need, Solidify has taken a groundbreaking step in launching its new initiative: Solidify Velesic.

Modern GRC

Solidify Velesic is the embodiment of a visionary endeavor, born from the fusion of GRC expertise, software engineering excellence, and the foundational insights of Transcendent Group founder and Solidify CEO, Magnus Juvas. At the forefront of this initiative is Emelie Alftren, a distinguished leader in the GRC domain. Supported by the innovative minds from Solidify, Emelie's leadership promises to drive Solidify Velesic towards a future where silos are dismantled, pains are alleviated, and controls are updated to resonate with modern work methodologies.

At the heart of Solidify Velesic lies the mission to modernize GRC, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with software-driven workflows. The team aspires not only to adapt GRC to modern technology but also to carve out pathways for technology to support and strengthen GRC functions. By doing so, Solidify Velesic aims to offer solutions that bring genuine smiles to clients' faces, ensuring both technological effectiveness and robust compliance.

The partnership with giants like Microsoft and Github reinforces Solidify Velesic's commitment to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. At the larger Solidify family, there's a shared love for technology, an enthusiasm for the results one can achieve with modern tools, practices, and patterns. Solidify has always been about shifting paradigms, not through big claims, but through tangible results.

To those businesses looking to strengthen their digital resilience, to modernize their GRC approaches, or to both, Solidify Velesic stands ready as your partner. With exciting ventures already on the horizon, Solidify Velesic beckons not just as a new initiative, but as a new beacon for GRC and technology harmonization. If you are curious about how Solidify Velesic can revolutionize your GRC processes, then it's time to reach out.

In essence, Solidify Velesic isn't just a new initiative; it's a new era for GRC in a world that's powered by software.


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