Benefits of implementing GitHub Copilot

Increased Productivity

GitHub Copilot boosts developer output, streamlining coding tasks and freeing up time for innovation. It's proven to make coding less repetitive and more enjoyable, fostering a more productive development environment.

Fast Development

With a 55% increase in coding speed, GitHub Copilot enables developers to execute tasks swiftly without sacrificing code quality. It's a game-changer for meeting tight deadlines and improving efficiency.


GitHub Copilot, powered by GPT-4, offers smart, context-aware suggestions, transforming coding into an intuitive process. It's an AI-infused tool that enhances code quality and developer confidence.


GitHub Copilot is committed to security and privacy, ensuring developers can trust the AI-assisted suggestions and focus on creating without concerns over data safety.

Implementing GitHub Copilot

1. Launch Workshop

Kickstart your Copilot journey with a workshop on AI pair programming basics, customized to fit the size of your business. Understand the landscape, potential, and strategic integration into your workflows.

2. Practical Implementation of GitHub Copilot

Dive into real-world coding scenarios with GitHub Copilot under Solidify's guidance. Enhance your code quality and accelerate development with AI-driven insights.

3. Review and Optimization

Measure the impact of GitHub Copilot within your projects. Solidify will help you analyze performance gains and identify areas for further integration.

4. Strategic Planning for Future Scaling

Plan for the future with our strategic AI integration roadmap. Extend GitHub Copilot's capabilities to new domains to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Pricing & Plans

Team Plan - For Smaller Scale Innovation

$15,000for the full project
  • Up to 50 developers enabled
  • Single admin team training
  • Includes 1 discovery session, 1 admin training & setup, and 3 developer training sessions
  • Ideal for small to medium customers looking to adopt GitHub Copilot seamlessly within their team environment.

Business Plan - For Growing Enterprises

$25,000for the full project
  • Up to 100 developers enabled
  • Multiple admin team training for complex setups
  • Includes 1 discovery session, 2 admin training & setup sessions, and 6 developer training sessions
  • Targeted at larger organizations needing comprehensive support to integrate GitHub Copilot.

Enterprise Plan - For Large-Scale Integration

Starting at

$50,000for the full project
  • 150+ developers enabled
  • Multiple admin teams with complex needs
  • Includes 2 discovery sessions, 5 admin training & setup sessions, and 10 developer training sessions
  • Designed for large companies requiring in-depth assistance to leverage GitHub Copilot across multiple teams and projects.

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