Free presentation - Introduction to Cloud Native on the Microsoft stack

February 2, 2021

We at Solidify think Cloud Native is so important that we want everyone to get a chance to learn what it is about, so we are offering to host a 2h seminar free of charge!

In this presentation we will discuss and demonstrate our approach to Cloud Native by walking through a scenario from code to cloud. We will start by looking at architectural principles to ensure the application gets built in a way that is easy to develop, deploy and operate. Following that we will explore how Azure provides services to manage the dynamic infrastructure a Cloud Native application needs. Finally we bring these ideas into life using DevOps practices and SRE so we can run our application in just the right scale it needs at any given time.

You can read more about Cloud Native the Solidify way here:


  • Introduction to Cloud Native
  • Developing Cloud Native software
  • Working with Cloud infrastructure
  • DevOps for Cloud Native applications

Contact our CTO Mathias Olausson to schedule a session for your team!