GitHub CLI from a Product Owner perspective

September 23, 2020


GitHub recently released version 1.0 of the GitHub CLI. From a developer standpoint, this is awesome! Devs spend a lot of time at the command line working magic with various git commands.

Adding GitHub CLI's `gh` commands into the mix makes perfect sense! No more switching to a browser to do the GitHub specific stuff! :) But I'm not a developer any more…

For those of you that saw my presentation "Working agile with GitHub" in august, you know that the features that interest me most in the GitHub universe are the so-called "project management features" (they work perfectly for Product Owners too). I don't mind working with the web UI of GitHub but the GitHub CLI has the potential to be my new "Product Owner power tool".

I say potential because, to be honest, some of the stuff I need simply isn't there yet. But hopefully, it will get added soon.

The gh issue command currently has six subcommands to list, create, close, reopen, view and "view issues relevant to me" (=status subcommand).

Initial perception was that everything I need is there but while the existing subcommands are useful it quickly became apparent that three important things are missing.

All of these three shortcomings do have a workaround. Simply using the command gh issue view 21 --web will open up issue 21 in my browser. But then I could just work in the browser to start with…

I'm pretty hopeful this will improve though. It's early days for the CLI and if you follow the links in the list above you'll see that there are active requests to fix these things. I look forward to spending a lot more time at the command line practising my gh commands so I'm ready to rock when the improvements are released!

GitHub CLI issue list command