Solidify becomes one of the first GitHub Advanced Services and Technology Partners in the world!

February 24, 2020

Solidify becomes verified GitHub partner

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At Solidify, we store all of our source code on GitHub, and we can clearly see why so many companies do too!

Solidify is now a GitHub Advanced Services and Technology Partner

We are extremely pleased to announce that Solidify has now become one of the first GitHub Advanced Services and Technology Partners in the world!

To achieve this, GitHub has verified our technical competency. It’s a considerable sign of trust that we are capable of delivering GitHub expertise at the highest level, and it will certainly lead to positive business opportunities for both parts involved.

We see great potential in this new partnership and believe that GitHub is an essential part of modern software development, something that we’re, of course, very passionate about.

GitHub is the world’s leading software development platform, bringing together the world's largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. The company recently refreshed their Partner Program, in which organizations can work together with GitHub to provide better services, share knowledge, participate in training opportunities, consult customers with GitHub expertise and much more. It’s a way to bring technology and business together in order to transform how teams use GitHub in their software development.

CEO Magnus Juvas on the GitHub Partnership

As a company focused on improving the ways software is developed, great tooling is crucial. At Solidify, we use GitHub daily, just like most of our customers. This year we have decided to sharpen our knowledge on GitHub even more, and the first step towards our commitment to prove our belief in GitHub is to become an Advanced Services and Technology Partner. Together with GitHub we will be able to take many of our customers to the next level of collaboration, efficiency and security when it comes to software development!

Magnus Timner on the GitHub Partnership

The new partnership with GitHub is very exciting for us. We are looking forward to using our deep DevOps knowledge to offer new interesting products and extend our expertise to help even more organisations achieve their ambitions.