Thérèse Scott Rossi joins Solidify

September 16, 2020

We would like to announce one of our newest additions to the Solidify team. Thérèse Scott Rossi just joined our company.

Thérèse has a background in retail and merchandising but decided several years ago that she needed a new challenge and discovered programming. Her studies focused on frontend development and she was most recently building a custom CMS in React for a consulting company.

As a person, Thérèse is curious, caring and stubborn and loves to challenge herself in most areas of life. She likes to create, solve problems, and she appreciates structure and attention to detail.

Lightning questions to Thérèse

1. Why did you choose Solidify? I want to work with friendly, humble and skilled people that share my ambition and my love for quality, and I feel that Solidify could provide that. I am also curious to learn about DevOps and CI/CD and wish to do more test-driven development.

2. What will be your role at Solidify? I will be working from the Stockholm office and be part of the internal dev team. My main role to begin with will be doing frontend work on internal projects and products, but I am also very excited for the role to grow in time.

3. What do you like to do on your free time? I like to feed and satisfy my curiosity by reading non-fiction, nourish my relationships to family and friends, and I love film. I also appreciate nature and if I’m not outdoors I like tending to my own jungle at home.